RRB Practice - GK in Tamil - Indian History in Tamil
(by Prasad PV)

        In the age of Right to Information Act, the recruitment bodies, especially Government, in order to conduct written examination as a part of selection process, use standard questionnaire to avoid any possible controversy.

        Hence, OnlineRRB, an organisation supported by Ex. employees of Railway & RRB put their effort to collect probable questions for practice from Reputed Professional Institutions like NCVT.

        If you allowed to take the time (any number of hours) as you like, you can get 99% to 100% of marks on a standard question paper. But you will be given only 90 minutes of time to complete the exam of RRB.

        Online RRB provides you proper guidance on SHORT-CUT methods and simple TECHNIQUES like Vedic Mathematics to do the calculations within allow time.

        As per human psychology, if you answer an un-known question, with confidence, the probability of being it as correct is more. Similarly if you take the same decision without confidence, then the chances of being it as correct is very less.

"Practice makes the man perfect and brings confidence".

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